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FAST – not SLOW; FAST – not FOOD

Having established networking Circles of Care for self-care, I have applied this to one of my most challenging health issues – maintaining a healthy weight. I am not an expert in nutrition or diet, but I am an expert on my own weight struggle. In this blog I discuss the start of my eating journey to slimness and health. These five days, I reflect on fasting for the first time in my life. You too can join support groups on whatsapp, skype or in my counselling room to help you to enjoy this healthy way of taking charge of your life. My journey in fasting has only just begun, and I am enjoying the ride.

Day One

Most of us are unhappy with our weight.  My experience is that whether you are 1lb or 100 lbs or more than what you think is ideal, it will haunt you. It will occupy your thoughts at every meal and even inbetween meals, as you wonder what you should or should not eat to win this silent battle going on in your body. You feel guilty with every “treat” you indulge in.

Weight is strange – it creeps up on you insiduously, silently, a killer in the form of tempting foods and public and private indulgences. It has social significance. It gives pleasure in the forms of delicious recipes, bread machines and pasta makers. I owned them all. The supermarket isles are loaded with sugary and carbohydrate foods, screaming:  “Eat me”.  In the UK there are many morbidly obese people driving themselves around in National Health Insurance sponsored carts because they cannot walk!  While I laud the gesture to give suffering people mobility, surely they need informed cures as well as assistance.

Food choices have become confusing – vegetarians and vegans recoil at protein foods. Charbohydrate and sugar eaters are surprised at your refusal to eat tempting treats. Unhealthy food’s false allure reminds me of the tik treats given to children in the Cape Flats gangland – the innocent white powder in glass bottles with a red ribbon bow that destroys the brain, with origins of motor vehicle acid and poison.

We understand the devasating effects of drugs more than food. What perils lie beneath the gloss of unhealthy foods?  It is all for money?  You believe that cutting back a little on favourite indulgences, with more visits to the gym, will be the answer.  Unfortunately not…you are either eating healthily or unhealthily.  The occasional indulgence is OK, but it has to be rare.

Once fat has a hold on you the feeling is one of helplessness and surrender. Your body has been invaded by enlarged fat cells and toxic waste and you have no control over these lumps and bumps.  Despite your best efforts, it clings onto you, making life uncomfortable, you feel self-conscious and not good enough. You may start to suffer debilitating illness in the form of chronic diseases. I am currently on high blood pressure meds. When I went to the doctor for my original check-up he couldn’t measure my pulse, he said it was so high! Getting off those meds is one of my primary goals.

Over the years I tried. I reached out for diet and nutrition books, I joined weight and addiction groups. I even ran my own slimming salon with electric machines which pulsated away the fat bulges. I measured bodies with tapes and jotted down victorious inch/cm losses. Thin was the dream. I listened to clients who only ate salads at night, agonising over eating a roll with it,  terrified of what that would do to their weight.

I knew what I did NOT want to do. I did not want to deprive myself forever of the foods I enjoyed.  I did not want to be controlled by others, I did not want to obsess for hours, talking constantly about my weight.  I did not want to spend a fortune getting thin. The Skinny on Fat (SoF) team assured us that once you are a ketonic fat burner, the occasional indulgence in carbohydrate and sugary treats is OK for your health.

I DID want an easy quick and reliable way to lose weight.  I wanted the right support. I wanted to feel in control. I wanted to know healthy options. I wanted to see the scale drop effortlessly. Hands up all who feel the same way.

But the information is confusing and contradictory. I watched endless hours on channel TV of morbidly obese people stuck in their beds, seeking bariatric surgery as a last desperate resort to save their lives and saw hanging fat being surgically removed in extreme cases. We are fascinated by this grotesque drama of being fat.  What are we doing to our bodies? Why is there so much helplessness and confusion?

What I did gain from these weight reality programmes is insight about the toughness of the doctors. They enter the room with their charts and say unflinchingly and unempathetically to the morbidly obese patient sitting nervously after climbing off  the dreaded scale:  “You only lost 7 lbs. You need to lose 40 before I can book you in for surgery. Follow the diet and come back in two months.”

That was all that was said as motivation and encouragement. There was no chair or bed-side manner. There was no person-centred connection to the client, no unconditional positive regard, no second chances,  no feelings discussed. That was an eye opener. The doctor stood at the door with his chart, dispassionately summarising results and walked out after a few moments. Occasionally he sent clients to a psychologist when eating trauma needed investigation. Just telling a person to “do it” seemed to be the answer. Perhaps the prospect of death is the convincer.

The constant feeling I have when overweight is: “What is wrong with me?  Why can’t I do this one simple thing?” I am not one of those satisfied chubby happy people. Who of us is that person?  I have managed to cross deep river gorges in construction buckets, fly over volcanoes in helicopters and give birth to identical twins, and even complete a PhD in Psychology in two years and receive an award from a prestigious university.  I am writing my own book on the care of neglected and abused children in state care. What could be more challenging?  What is the matter with me?  Why can’t I shrink tiny fat cells in my body and never fill them again, feeling happy and in control? Yoyo losses and gains are more dangerous to your health than maintaining your weight.

It reminds me of a film on mental health where a psychologist tells a patient a simple but seemingly useless formula. The patient was having recurring dreams of being buried alive in a coffin and could not cope with the nightmares. He took out his pen to write down the psychologist’s expert life-changing advice. The psychologist shouted “Stop it” over and over again.

What a wonderful world it would be if life was so simple and we could just stop it when we are told.  Stop eating!  Done! What about that large chunk of ice under the water that represents our unconscious thoughts, according to Freud? What is driving us to eat at a deeper level to make stopping so difficult? Perhaps it’s happening more in our bodies than our heads. What about the insulin hikes our body suffers from when we eat sugary carbohydrates which demand more food when the will feels strong but the body is weak.

I felt like I had the resolve, but not the winning formula. I had the psychological insights about neglect in my past and my unmet needs as a child.  I was aware of some unmet adult needs, but that did not help me in the moment of trying to drop weight. Despite a close and loving family, harsh critical words of others drove me closer towards food. Self-loathing and shame are not positive motivators.

We know in psychology we should be curious without judgement. So you are feeling overweight today? How interesting. What do you need to do to feel better? What are your faulty thoughts, what actions do you need to take?  How can you process your emotions? These are some tools we need to help us start to get to optimum health. So what is different about weight? It seems so easy to put on and so difficult to take off. It seems to get harder and harder with age and time as we sink into bad eating habits and thought patterns. It so easy to feel defeated and just give up.  But that is not the solution!

Many people struggling with losing and gaining weight talk about letting go of weight, or shedding it rather than ‘losing’ it. My weight felt like a protective shield, shutting out critics and those causing me pain.

I do not want weight to be an issue any longer.  I am stopping the madness of food and  self-criticism. I am stopping eating. This is not a desperate launch into anorexia. I am doing it in an informed manner. It seemed radical and extreme and even dangerous at first, but now I know better. I have watched 10 episodes of Skinny on Fat (SoF)and I have heard the experts. This is what I have to do.

The experts tell us that the big lie is that we need constant food – we believe that we have to eat to stay alive;  to feed our metabolism, to give ourselves essential nutrients, to be healthy.  Well that is not strictly true.  We need healthy food, but not so much junk. Our bodies need rest. We need to burn our fat reserves before adding more and more energy. We do not need to continually eat in order to speed up our metabolism. We do not need to continually spark the growth hormone when we are no longer “growing” as children.

Worried about insulin spikes and “feeling faint”?  The SoF experts explained how you can become a fat rather than sugar burner with a ketonic diet which does not give you highs and lows. They recommend we go back to the caveman diet and eat limited portions of heathy meat and fat, supplemented with berries, nuts and vegetables and fruits. They suggest you do not eat for long periods like our forefathers, when the hunt was not successful.

One meal a day is a healthy option. It takes hours for our processed and modern food to be absorbed in our bodies. Where to put all the poisons we are eating?  I used to drink a can of diet Cola a day.  Think of the poisons accumulated in my fat cells. It makes me shudder. The body has a tough time to do its work. It needs to get rid of the poisons and destroy all the weak cells in order to be at optimum health. It needs to be equipped to fight the fat battle. The fat needs to go once and for all.

Well no more.

Self-portrait pictures of me being overweight have bogged me down for years and now I am reclaiming my health.  One drink at a time. Every day I am going to blog, meditate, walk. I am also going to revist the thin times – getting married in a a slim outfit,  playing competitive tennis, windsurfing in a skimpy costume – being the poster girl at university for the yacht club in a bikini. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how rich or beautiful you are.  We are all the same when it comes to weight and being healthy. We need to eat less and make wiser choices about what we put in our mouths.

It is going to be a mindful exercise in five days when I take time out for myself. I am stopping the rushing, driving, shopping and giving to others relentlessly. It is my time to chill, dream, remember, plan and self-nurture – and write.  Knowing I am blogging and have to be true to the fast is a great stimulator not to eat.  So thank you for reading this. It has taken a lot to cancel all my appointments. I did not realise how busy and structured my life is.

Luckily this week my university lectures fall on a public holiday. I still have select counselling clients which I will see at my home practice. Apparently your brain gets super sharp after three days of fasting. I am looking forward to that! The next time I can do this is at the end of the year during my annual summer holiday.  I am already planning for my next fast with excitement. Beginner’s enthusiasm? I wonder how I will feel on day 5 – or even day 2!

The inspiration has been the SoF series which talks about the wonders of bone broth, fasting and a host of words which were never in my vocabularly, like autophagy, which means cell regeneration. This apparently is increased by fasting – the process that your body uses to renew cells.  It’s linked to many health benefits, like reduction in heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The 5/2 fast means fasting for two days of the week – the 4/3 diet for three days. Only after three days does the real healing take place in our bodies, when the body realises no food is forthcoming and starts to get rid of unhealty cells which are cancerous or mutated. That is why it is good to go for 5 days or more every now and again.

SoF features emminent scientists, doctors and researchers with whom I can relate.  They are not spin doctors. They are not trying to sell something. Of course they do have products like their books, video series and healthy fats, so there is always money involved. They are telling the “truth” as much as we can understand what that means.

For me as a researcher and academic, it means presenting the facts as objectively as possible and communicating these in an unbiased, reflective way. So much harm has been done in the name of science and truth, thanks to vested interest and commercial gain. We need to hang our heads in shame and wonder whether the damage we have done to our health and our planet can ever be reversed.

For several weeks now I have dipped my toe in the waters of this new world which I have heard about and tried on different levels.  Let’s face it, eating is confusing – Atkins, Carbohydrate Diet, Hollywood Diet, Banting, Paleo, FA.  I have tried them all. I love a comment by one of the experts in the SoF series: “When a giraffe gets sick, it does not stop eating leaves”.  Why do we change our diet so many times as a species?  Why have we become so confused since leaving the cave?

My simple solution is to step beyond the confusion to eating nothing!  I am fasting my way to my real body. Today is day one of a five day fast. I have never tried this before. I have heard about it before but did not think I could do it.  I am launching into a new venture and journaling is helping me to cope along the way.

My inspiration came with my identical twins’ 26thbirthday.  I weighed 75 kilos when I went into hospital to give birth. My weight had climbed from 55 kg when I got married to my highest – 85 kg – a few years ago. The weight crept up over three pregnancies – two sons and two daughters. I managed to drop 10 kg with multiple methods such as FA, a food addicts group and Banting. When I began the SoF way of intermittent fasting and ketonic eating I was back at 82kg.

I realised I weighed more on their birthday over 20 years later than when I had gone into hospital pregnant.  Well now, as a 2 caring personality on the Enneagram, who never feels that others are doing enough for them in the negative side of the personality, I was stepping into the real healthy part.  I cannurture and take care of myself and the rest will be a happy story of healthy relationships.

My family is also encouraging – they want me in my correct BMI body and we are planning to hire a barge and go down the canals of France for a family holiday once I achieve that goal. I am going to start saving and planning!  That trip will manifest with me in my healthy body. Roll on the bone broth, collagen powder, water and bullet coffee. Here I come!

Come walk this path with me and see how easy – or difficult – it really is.  I will write when times get tough and when times go well. Here goes. The first step on the fast adventure. I have a website – www.circlesofcare.co.za. I plan to post my blog after five days of fasting and let you know how it is going.  Follow it and share it if you want to join me in regaining your health.

First the moment of reckoning – what do I weigh and how much must I lose. This may have to become an annual event, twice a year event, quarterly event.  Who knows? The future lies ahead! I am facing the truth and taking the most positive steps I know to regain my body and health.

Over the past week I have tried intermittent 18 hour fasting with minimum carbs. I have exercised daily. I have veg and egg for lunch, early protein and veg dinner, with fruit or small treat (rusk, nuts). I stop eating by 8. I do not eat again until lunch or dinner the next day. I have stopped drinking wine. I have upped my water consumption. I do daily exercise of half an hour – walking or cycling. I have shed a kilogram of weight and kept it off.

Yesterday I was given a sugary doughnut at a meeting – I graciously accepted it but passed it on to someone else!  I did not enjoy the idea of all that sweetness. Progress is slow but showing me I am on the right track. I need to speed it up a bit – get into the FAST lane!  I want steady progress. At least the scale is not climbing. This will be good long lasting weight maintenance and control. My first efforts resulted in losing and maintaining 1 kg loss. So I start fasting at 81kg.

I have prepared for this day by boiling all the ingredient for bone broth. I have used free range chicken and Karoo lamb bones. Celery, carrots and onions. I have added fresh garden herbs and vegetables – basil, spinach, ginger rosemary -for the last half-hour of cooking. There is a bone broth recipe you can follow by Jason Fung. It is looking different after 18 hours of cooking. Because of the lamb bones, I am letting it boil for 24 hours.  I must check that there is no issue with the chicken bones, which only need 18 hours.

Finding:  All the goodness of chicken bones is removed after 18 hours. When I have my bone broth for lunch I am going to take out all veg and chicken and leave in lamb bones to cook for a further 6 hours until dinner. When cooked, it is recommended to put icecubes in the soup and cool quickly and refrigerate to avoid bacterial contamination. Then I scoop off the excess fat although this is not necessary. Too much makes me feel slightly nauseous, although it is a good appetite suppressant. In truth, my precious broth was starting to disappear with the relentless boiling so I stopped cooking. I have added my herbs and left it on the stove to cool. I will be having a cup for late lunch at 2ish, having had some water and creamy bullet-proof coffee to start the day.

Tough time

Evening is definitely the hardest time – when supper normally is enjoyed and there is social family interaction. This is especially so in winter when you feel like a warm meal. I have prepared supper for my husband and waiting for him to eat so we can spend the evening together. The bone broth I had at 2pm was very hot and I feel that perhaps I burnt the back of my throat. My throat feels a bit uncomfortable. However, I am pressing on. I am not feeling at all hungry.  Just bored.  I enjoyed an earlier hot bath and am resting now. I roasted some lamb ribs and boiling them for more bone broth.  This time I am using the pressure cooker to stop it reducing too much.


Weight on day 1: 81kg (178lb).  When I was younger we were not metricated.  I can remember being 48 kg or 105 lbs at my slimmest, stepping onto a scale on a Greek island while on a sailing holiday! I did not even feel thin, although I remember walking along the beach in a bikini and not being self-conscious. That constant movement on the yacht is a real slim booster! I think I should live permanently on a yacht and feel slightly nauseous all the time! Daily routine (for five fast days):  Journaling, mindfulness quiet, weigh in, 1 hour walk on beach or round the block or cycle, bullet-proof coffee, rest and work, bone broth lunch, water, rest and work, vanilla rooibos tea for tea, bone broth for dinner.


Do with a friend or join a support group. I am fasting with someone close in England who is in regular contact and communication. It helps to share with others. She sent me a list of encouraging tips from a fasting facebook website. Great!

Long-term ideas: Intermittent fasting every day (eating one meal a day around 6pm); Weekly one day fast – not eat on Mondays, having bone broth for dinner.

Thoughts and feelings: After 2 hours on Day 1:  Scary, excited, determined, positive.  4 hours later:  After an hour’s light jog, walk and short workout on the outdoor gym machines – nice to get exercise but it is cold and windy outside and I like the comfort of indoors. I so enjoyed drinking some water when I got back and  a cup of hormone-free full fat milk and creamy coffee cappacino.  So far so good! Making lamb rib broth for next few days – roast lamb smells delicious as it roasts it in the oven. I need to get them into some cold water and add cider vinegar and bring to the boil to turn them into magic broth.  Luckily I have spare celery and carrots! Feeling determined and strong.

Day Two

Morning! I was woken at 6h30 by a WhatsApp from my daughter asking me how it is going.  I jumped on the scale (in the dark as it is still winter here) and guess what – down nearly a kilo!  I am motivated!  And if that is not enough, I got a new email from Skinny on Health (SoH) – like the new focus – which gave a new food dietary triangle for health. How is that for good timing? Naomi Whittel, my fasting guru,  calls it “reversing the curse”.



We are told that we have to get outside entities “with pockets to pad” out of our kitchens (Whittel, 2018).

Lobbyists with billions, big food companies and politicians all have something to gain by telling you what to eat regardless of how it harms your health.  It’s your turn to take back control and actually eat in a way that supports your body and how it was meant to function.

It is that simple. Whittel (2018) suggested the best way to start is by adding more fat. “Fat is a vital nutrient that helps build the health of cell membranes and is used by the body to produce energy. The (USA) government will keep churning out their own ‘recommendations’ and guidelines, but it’s time for you to DO YOU!

Now that is what I call inspiration. This is definitely a new food chart for the fridge door! Yesterday I did not manage any mindfulness time, but today I am adding in 20 mins.  Then I will probably have a cycle on my bike or a walk on the beach before bullet proof coffee. Bone broth for lunch. I am working and have clients until 6pm so I will be busy most of the afternoon. May have some tea inbetween. So far so good. Feeling motivated and not at all hungry or tired.

I love this summary from the SoH team to change our eating habits: Eat good fats in sources like avocados, coconuts, olives, seeds and nuts. These are sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that satisfy cravings and dispel hunder. Do not skim on low fat products– buy whole milk and full-fat butter, cream, dairy, cheese and yoghurt. These are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat to burn:  Do not store fat but burn it.  Coconuts are excellent source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that the body burns instantly as fuel. Eat best quality proteins– avoid factory meat – look for free-range chicken, organic meat and wild-caught fish like salmon.

Thanks Naomi and team for summarising this so perfectly!  You are superstars!

It is raining so I have not been able to go out and cycle or walk. We so need the rain in drought-ravaged Cape Town that no one minds the inconvenience of rain! I may go up to the gym and swim for half an hour instead. Flexibility is key!  Swimming may make me hungry so I will have to watch that.  Also, I took off the top layer of solidified fat off my bone broth as I find it too rich.  Hope that does not make me hungry!  Fasting is an experiment indeed.

Later in the evening: Well this was a day from hell.  I went for a nice cycle but then slipped on a kitchen mat on a wet floor and ended up doing the splits and pulling a hamstring.  My right leg at the back is really sore and I am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.  My husband Greg wanted to give me sweet tea as I almost fainted from pain, but I had a sip of water and some broth for lunch and dinner. I added some collagen powder to the evening cup.

Day Three

Scale was down to 79,8kg – long time since I have been back in the 70s and it feels good!  My pulled hamstring feels so much better – perhaps fasting does help the body to heal! No exercise for me but I am going to try and drive my car – have some errands to run and want to test out the sore leg. I started the day with counselling clients over several hours! Deep process work happening.  I survived on my bullet-proof coffee and water.

Then it was off to do some shopping, testing my leg by driving. Not such a good idea. Felt tired. It was painful to get in and out of the car and sometimes pressing the accelerator pad was sore. I hope the “after three days euphoria” kicks in tomorrow as I am getting bored with not eating and feeling freezing as temperatures drop below normal in a harsh winter.

Fasting is definitely not for sissies, but I am hanging in determined to do this. Tomorrow is Day Four and I cannot believe how quickly this is going. When I watch food channels it feels a bit like watching porn. Well at least I am gazing at the food and not eating it! Some people dissociate from food when fasting, I am drawn to it, but not to eat. I love watching the cooking channels and the elaborate recipes they make. I stocked up on salmon and free range chicken when shopping, feeling that having healthy protein in the freezer is important when I start eating again.

I am planning on my first day of eating to have an omlette with free range eggs and lots of herbs and veg from my garden and perhaps a piece of bacon for lunch. Dinner is going to be oxtail. I figure it is like a bone broth with a few veg and bits of meat! I will have it with squash rather than rice. I intend to boil the bones after eating and have a broth for Monday fast.

 Day Four

The scale did not drop much today, about ,3 of a kilo which is still almost a lb, so I am not going to be disheartened as my body is adjusting to no food. I am 79,5kg and I am sure the inches/cm are coming off. I am starting to measure my waist as well when I weight myself in the morning as I really want the middle roll of my stomach to disappear.  I am a “pear” shape in the conventional sense of body shape and when you grow older and put on weight you become like a ball – round all over. I am used to having a flat stomach and waist and small bust. My face is getting thinner and no double chin!  Yipee!

Yesterday my husband questioned my lack of vitamins and I wondered if I should liquidise some garden greens for nutrients with my bone broth, but I decided against it.  He is having an evening meal and had some fresh garden greens with his chicken dish. Only two days to go. I am continuing every day with a multivitamin and a high blood pressure tab.  As soon as I have dropped to 75kg I am revisiting the doctor and will ask if I can be taken off the meds.

Today is a public holiday in South Africa – National Women’s Day – so I am going to celebrate being a woman by taking it easy and getting through some marking for my lecturing course in psychology. It is still very cold so I am looking forward to my bulletproof coffee for breakfast and plan to stay warm. My leg is feeling OK so I will definitely go for a half hour walk which I thinks helps to shift the weight off!

Just got back from the walk. It was quite hard to move with my sore leg but I went for a lovely slow stroll around the fynbos vlei in front of my house, which is a nature reserve with the finest specimens of sand fynbos in SA. There is an icy breeze but the sun is warm. It was lovely to see the red bishop birds building their nests in the reeds by the full dam and to enjoy the sunshine. I am not feeling energised or feeling particularly sharp – but only one more day to go. Apparently the real healing work begins after day 3,  so roll on the new cells! I have decided to definitely make every Monday a fasting day in the week, so that we get used to cutting back quantities and maintaining a healthy weight.

Later in the evening:  My daughters came for supper and to play bridge. It was hard preparing the supper for  them – mushrooms and herbs in coconut cream on rice pasta and carrot ribbons.  My husband also cooked a salmon fillet.  It is getting hard to smell and be near this food! Anyway, only one day to do.  I am hanging in there!

Day Five

I am feeling strange about the ending of the fast.  It is a way of life I have got used to and it is quite liberating to be free of preparing food thoughts.  No concerns with lunch or dinner.  I do fantasise a bit about food when I go to bed at night and last night I really felt like eating an apple. I wondered if sleep walking and even sleep eating (if there is such a thing) constitued a break in fasting, but decided against it. How could I face my conscience or my blog after that!

I am just wondering about when to have water or bullet proof coffee breakfast and the broth is running out. My weight today is firmly 79kg and I am looking forward to be in 78kg region tomorrow, the end of my fast, which is a good drop out of the 80s where I have stuck for years. My sights are definitely on 75 kg as this seems to be a doable target and my December five day fast will get me to 70kg while I maintain with intermittent daily and weekly fasting.  It will be a goal to reach 2019 in the 60 kgs! How much fasting after that I cannot see the future – or how low I go.  I could be 55kg and healthy but do not want to look too thin!  Not that that has ever been a problem!

Naomi and her team have sent me more info on healthy MCT oil which they sell in a bottle in the USA.  Coconut oil is freely available in the supermarkets and knowing other good sources like avocado and walnuts and olive oil means I will rather be getting my MCT oil from these sources.

My leg is feeling much better – I had a good massage with Arnica Ice oil last night and feel like the tenderness has been rubbed out. I am only getting stronger and thinner!  What a positive thought. I must say, when I looked in the mirror this morning (full length) I wondered where my thin body was and was puzzled how I had got to this stage of carrying excess weight.  Strange how we can feel so defeated by something which is in our hands to change.

Update:  My fasting buddy in the UK has decided to extend the fast to Sunday.  This is to drop her weight still further while we are on a winning track.  I think I will start eating again tomorrow, on day 6 and intermittent fast Sunday. Monday is definitely a full fast day for me to maintain and steadily drop my weight. When I am going into work! I plan to fast every Monday as discussed earlier.  Time will tell.  Watch this space!

Day Six

The scale is down another half kilo, so as Fung says, the weight drop is steady on fasting.  I am 78,5 kg and I think it is time to start eating ketogenically and up the exercise if my leg allows me to move more.  I am determined to see the scale drop to 75kg with intermittent fasting.  I DID IT.  I have survived five days without food and you can too.  I am feeling ligher, calmer, philosophically at peace and grateful that the medical profession has started to fully understand this miracle of fasting. As Fung says, it is simple, inexpensive, non-time consuming, the list goes on!  Weight loss is steady – our metabolisms do not slow down. All we have to have is faith! I think I will start with a cheese herb omlette and cup of foamy cappacino! How exciting. Supper will be roast chicken and fresh salad (sooo looking forward to some greens!) with the basis for bone broth for next week. Cheers – thanks for being on this healing path with me! I want fasting to be part of my life – intermittent on eating days (only lunch and/or dinner) and fasting every second day, ie Mondays and Wednesdays which will be a 5/2 pattern of eating.

Watch this blog fasting space!


Caryl WestmoreUK (Instagram) art picture of lunch – a flask of broth!

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