Resources & Affiliations

Papers In Refereed Journals – available on request

  • Johnson, S.M. & Naidoo, A.V. (2017) Can evolutionary insights into the brain’s response to threat suggest different interventions for perceived stress and burnout for teachers in high-risk schools? SA Journal of Psychology. Doi: 10.1177/0081246316675588
  • Johnson, S.M., & Naidoo, A.V. (2016). A psychoeducational approach for prevention of burnout among teachers dealing with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. AidsCare.  Advance online publication. doi:10.1080/09540121.2016.1201193
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  • Johnson, S.M., and Naidoo, A.V. (2013). Transpersonal practices as prevention intervention for burnout among HIV/Aids coordinator teachers.  SA Journal of Psychology, 43: 59 – 70.

Books & Chapters In Books

  • Johnson, S. (2019). Psychobiography as an effective research methodology for the advocacy of abused and neglected youth in South Africa. In C. Mayer & Z. Kovary (Eds.). New trends in psychobiography. Cham, CH: Springer.
  • Johnson, S. (2019 – in review). Multiple perspectives of institutional care for neglected youth in South Africa. In C. Walker, S. Zlotowitz and A.Zoli (Eds.). New ideas for new times:A handbook of innovative community and clinical psychologies. Brighton, UK: University of Brighton.
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  • Johnson, S. (2019 – in press). Circles of Care: Creating a Teacher Trauma Tool in High Risk Schools in Cape Town. Cape Town: Amazon.

Workshops & PowerPoint Slide Presentations

  • Creating Circles of Care.
  • Self-care.
  • Enneagram Workshop – Understanding your Personality type.
  • Surviving Stress and Beating Burnout.
  • Living Values.
  • Dealing with the YES brain in children.
  • Temperament vs Labelling.
  • Improving Classroom Behaviour.
  • Skills for dealing with Explosive Children.


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